Feelin' real fine in my recycled fabrics // Fauxgerty

 All photos by  Seleste Paige  

All photos by Seleste Paige 

In the past couple of years, I've really taken a step away from prints and a lot of color but when I saw this dress it was everything I wanted. For about the last year, I've had a floral dress on my list of pieces to add to my closet but I hadn't found anything that seemed right yet. This dress with its muted green and simple florals has quickly become one of my favorite things to wear. I've been able to wear it a few different ways which of course adds to my love for it. Anything that can be styled in multiple ways is a sure win in my book. 

TPC April18-0001.jpg
TPC April18-0002.jpg

About the brand:

Fauxgerty was founded in 2013 by Chrissy Fogerty with the mission to create pieces that could be worn to a formal event or just while hanging out on the weekend. The materials of all their garments are up-cycled in efforts to keep these beautiful fabrics out of the landfill. All pieces are made from "pre-loved vintage fabrics, innovative faux leathers and suedes and sustainable fabrics, like hemp and fair trade, organic cotton." (Fauxgerty About Us page on website). I can't say this any better myself so here is a snap from the website on the sewers and factories:

All of our pieces are produced in Saint Louis and Los Angeles. Our sewers in Saint Louis work closely with our team, creating a close and collaborative work environment. The sewers are paid 36% over the regional average because we believe in the impact of their work and value it. In Los Angeles, we support a vertically-integrated factory that is dedicated to sustainable practices and fair pay.

From the pieces themselves to the packaging they arrive in, mindfulness and sustainability is at the forefront of all decisions. 

TPC April18-0022.jpg
TPC April18-0031.jpg

The dress:

I've loved experimenting with this dress and I've been able to wear it a few different ways. As a dress with flat sandals, it was perfect for a day date and just hanging out. As a dress with wedges, it was elevated and perfect for a night out or a special event. Lastly, by now you probably know that my love for jeans is real so when I wore this as a sort of over layer it took my love for this piece to a whole new level. I paired it with just a solid tank underneath and my Nisolo wedges. With this look I think a flat sandal could also work if you wanted to keep it even more casual. 

El fin:

Fauxgerty has created an incredible brand dedicated to mindfulness and conscious consumerism. Check them out here , you won't regret it!

Fixing those tired old soles // Peabody Shoe Repair


As part of my slow fashion journey, I’ve committed to purchasing ethically made clothing but I’ve also started learning more about the ways that I can take care of the things I already have. I realized the need for a shift in perspective when my favorite pair of booties were wearing thin and the first thought I had was to throw them out. Suddenly I thought, why would I throw these away when I love them so much? My next thought was okay now I’ve gotta get these fixed. I had already heard some really great things about Peabody Shoe Repair, so I decided to go for it and now I can’t believe it took me so long to go see them. After connecting with Katie on Instagram, I was thoroughly shocked at how much more they can do there than just fixing the soles on your shoes.

What can they do?

Shortening purse straps

This can be helpful for us shorter women. By shortening the straps, you can have the purse that you love no matter what the length is.

Shoe stretching

The struggle is real when it comes to breaking in your shoes sometimes. Depending on the leather/shoe, sometimes it can take more than a handful of wear to get your new shoes to a place where they feel good. Shoe stretching helps alleviate those painful blisters and makes your new favorite shoes easier to wear.

Adding holes to belts and purses

My size can fluctuate a bit so having the ability to add holes to belts sounds ideal. Instead of having to buy a new belt for those “off days”, I can just add to my current one and get even more wear out of it.

Replacing heels and soles of shoes

This is part of what I actually had done and it is truly incredible how it can bring your shoes back to life. The soles on my booties were so worn down that it felt like I was just walking on the ground. After fixing the soles, they feel good to walk in again and I’m sure I’ll get another few years of wear out of them. On these particular booties, they were also able to patch the heels where parts had chipped off. 


Replacing zippers

Peabody can also replace zippers which is amazing because I remember the days of thinking that once a zipper was done it was time to say goodbye.


Last but not least...

Weather proofing is one more thing that can be done to ensure the safety of your favorite shoes. These Nisolo boots are my favorite, but I was finding it hard to wear them with the unpredictable Nashville weather. Now, I can feel much better about wearing them rain or shine. 

Repair or replace?

For me, this has become a common question, do I repair it or replace it? Whether it's a shirt, a pair of shoes, or a pair of jeans I've been asking the same thing of all of them. It's come down to two main ideas for me; is it worth the investment? Am I going to continue wearing it? In the case of my booties, I wear them just about everyday during the winter and I absolutely love them. And the cost to repair vs. the cost to replace was slightly less but then I also thought of it in terms of limiting waste. If I use what I have and don't invest in creating something new, that's one less item that has to be produced. When I come across pieces that are damaged but I don't really wear anyways, I've begun to recognize I no longer need them and they should go to someone who can get better use out of them. Again, a way of limiting waste and giving things new life! 

If you’re in Nashville, Peabody Shoe Repair is such a dream! I had the best experience there and everyone was so helpful. Their prices are fair and they do quality work. I’ve loved getting to learn about how I can love my things even more. If you're not in Nashville, Yelp can be a great resource to look for your nearest shoe repair shop.

Note: Thank you, Peabody, for the discounted shoe repair for this post. I was not compensated for this post. All thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own. Thank you for reading and helping spread the word about ethical fashion and sustainability!

A time for change // Fashion Revolution Week 2018

When did Fashion Revolution begin?

On 24 April 2013, the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed. 1,138 people died and another 2,500 were injured, making it the fourth largest industrial disaster in history.
That’s when Fashion Revolution was born.
There were five garment factories in Rana Plaza all manufacturing clothing for big global brands. The victims were mostly young women. - except from Fashion Revolution website, www.fashionrevolution.org
  Rana Plaza Factory - Bangladesh April 24, 2013. Image : Fashion Revolution

Rana Plaza Factory - Bangladesh April 24, 2013. Image : Fashion Revolution

What is Fashion Revolution?

Since the tragedy in Rana Plaza people all over the world have joined together to create change that will prevent tragedies like this happening again. Consumers have become more demanding of transparency with manufacturers as to where our clothes comes from. Asking #whomademyclothes has put the responsibility back on major fashion brands to ensure that they're producing their clothes in the best possible way. What does the factory look like? What are the ages of people working? What processes and materials are being used? All of these questions are once again holding brands accountable for the clothes that they're selling. The mission of the movement is not to shut down all big brand retailers, it's not to shut down all the factories. The mission being fought for is to educate and bring awareness to the things that are behind the scenes; so that through education, changes can be made. 

How can I make a difference?

The first way to participate in Fashion Revolution week is to ask the simple question, Who made my clothes? The hashtag #whomademyclothes trends year round as people want to learn more about the clothes they're getting from retailers. Social media has become such a powerful platform for this movement and by calling these brands to action, we're seeing results. In March 2018, it was found by Fashion Revolution that 152 brands are now disclosing at least some of the facilities that make their clothes! This is huge!

During the week of April 23-29, 2018 events are also being held in numerous cities around the country to educate and connect people who want to change fashion. Below is a link to the events page where you can participate in things like panel discussions, open studios, and meet ups. 

Fashion Revolution Week- USA Events 

If you're not in the US, by visiting fashionrevolution.org/events you can search by country to see a list of different events around the world. 

The time is now

Fashion Revolution Week is such an inspiring week for me. I love connecting with everyone who is working towards this mission, learning more, and also spreading knowledge about ethical fashion. In just five years, there have already been so many changes made for the better and I know it's only going to get better!

I hope you join me in this special week!


I recently watched the documentary RiverBlue and wow you guys, there was so much great information. As promised, I wanted to highlight some of the things I took away from the film. I would highly recommend watching it!


Have you ever wondered where all the dye from our clothing ends up during production? Have you wondered what kind of precautions factory workers take when handling these toxic dyes day after day? What about how much water it takes to produce a pair of jeans?

A lot of these things I had heard a little about already but to actually see it on film, really puts it all into perspective.

  • Environmental Impact: The dyes from denim enter waterways all over the world , with little action taken to prevent pollution. It is said that in China you can predict the 'it' color of the season by looking at the water! Isn't that crazy!? To think that the amount of dye is so significant that it can turn entire rivers a different color.
  • Factory Conditions: Factory workers who are constantly exposed to these toxic dyes are given little protection from their harmful effects. Gloves, masks, and protective suits are not given importance. In some of the factories shown in the film, shoes are not even required. Can you imagine? All day long people are not only inhaling fumes but they are in constant contact with the toxins until they go home and do it all again the next day.
  • Water Usage: Xintang, China, is now the jeans capital of the world. 300 million pairs of jeans are produced each year, which accounts for ⅓ of the worlds’ supply. One pair of Levi’s 501 jeans uses 920 gallons of water and 32 kilograms of carbon dioxide. These amounts are respectively equal to running a garden hose for 106 minutes and driving 78 miles. In a year, one large fashion brand uses the equivalent of water in 43,000 Olympic sized swimming pools. The textile industry uses 3.2% of all water available to the human race.

At this point you might be thinking, can we do anything to change this!? And the answer is ABSOLUTELY! 

The following brands are discovering new ways to produce denim and introducing new ideas to the denim world to cut down on toxic chemicals and waste. 

ITEL uses chitosan (exoskeleton of shellfish crushed into a fine powder) to help with the dyeability of their denim as opposed to traditional chemical techniques. ITEL also uses a water recycling technique that cuts down on their water consumption as well as recapturing steam to produce their own power. 

Jeanologia uses oxygen from the air to give denim the stone washed look that would traditionally be accomplished with water and chemicals. 

Other brands working to make ethical denim that weren't mentioned in the film include: Father's Daughter and ABLE.

Quotes from the film:

"Big brands and big retailers have been able to outsource their production and therefore they think they’ve outsourced their responsibility." -Riverblue documentary
"If I’m an environmentalist I can’t say I care only about the rivers of Bangladesh I have to care about the rivers of the world." -Sunita Narain

This was such an incredible film and so well put together. There was so much more information aside from just these facts but I wanted to just highlight the top 3 things I found most surprising! I hope you get a chance to watch it also!



Spring 10x10 Recap

 All photos by: Seleste Paige Photography

All photos by: Seleste Paige Photography


My Spring 10x10 pieces:

  1. Linenstitch joggers
  2. Old Citizens of Humanity jeans
  3. Old Citizens of Humanity black jeans
  4. Elizabeth Suzann vented shell tank
  5. Jamie + the Jones T top
  6. Vetta oversized sweater
  7. Jamie + the Jones heavyweight T sweater
  8. Elizabeth Suzann knit tank
  9. Old Dankso clogs
  10. Fortress of Inca Adra flat
  11. Nisolo Mariella mule 

Welp, the Spring 10x10 challenge is officially over and I ended up making it an 11x10 because I needed another sweater on one of the days that is got unexpectedly cold. Although I didn't feel like I was super creative with my outfits, I did learn a few things. 

1. Less is More- At first, the idea of only having 10 pieces to pick from seems like a daunting task. I realized during the last week and a half though that I really didn't miss many of my other pieces of clothes. I picked my favorites from my closet because I knew the weather was going to be challenging. With the exception of a few pieces, I now feel like the majority of my closet is just extra. 

2. Simplicity is for me- All of the pieces I chose for my 10x10 were very simple and versatile. For me, sticking to neutrals makes things so easy and effortless.  

3. Layers, layers, layers- When limited to just 10 pieces I found that my creativity really comes from experimenting with layers. Sweaters over shirts, shirts over shirts, sweaters over tanks. It seems like I would've tried all of these things before, but it just showed me that with too many options, it limits my creativity and leaves me always reaching for something new. 


Even though the weather proved to be a little tricky and I ended up repeating two outfits, I think it was a successful challenge. I learned things, had fun, and connected with some great people! What more could I ask for!? 

Did you do the Spring 10x10? If so, how did it go for you? If not, do you think you'll try next time? Comment below and I'd love to talk about it!

It's time to celebrate... my one year blogiversary!

 All photos by: Seleste Paige Photography // Taking a trip down memory lane with these photos. I'm sharing one from each shoot we did last year. 

All photos by: Seleste Paige Photography // Taking a trip down memory lane with these photos. I'm sharing one from each shoot we did last year. 

Andrea 3-0017.jpg
Andrea 3-0033.jpg

"Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don't give up." -Rachel Corrie

Wow, how has a whole year already gone by!? It's been such a whirlwind, and it feels like just yesterday I dreamt up this idea for The Purposeful Closet. I've learned so much about myself, blogging, and the world in the past year and y'all are such a big part of that. So after this crazy adventure of a year, this is my thank you to you:

Thank you to everyone who has followed along on this journey. I love connecting with and learning from each and every one of you.

Thank you to all of the brands that I've been so fortunate to work with and feature so far. You are true champions and paving the way for a better world.

Thank you for always being so kind and encouraging.

And thank you for allowing me to follow this passion of mine. None of this would be possible without you all and I am so thankful to call this my job. 

Andrea pt2-0026.jpg
Andrea 4-0026.jpg
Andrea 4-0017.jpg

I can't wait to see where we go this year, but I've already got some big plans! I'll be adding more beauty, home decor, and zero waste ideas to the blog and of course continuing to feature new clothing brands! This sustainable lifestyle includes so much more than just clothes for me and I want to share all of it with y'all! 

So much love for all of you! <3




My favorite fabric, my favorite pant // Linenstitch

 All photos by:  Seleste Paige Photography

If you've been following along for some time now, you know all about my love for linen. Not only is it one of the most sustainable fabrics, but it's so easy to wear. It's breathable and light in the summer, but still easy to layer up during the winter. Now just imagine an entire brand built around this magical fabric and you have Linenstitch.


The idea for Linenstich came from founder, Lauren, in late 2016. After realizing the less than ideal quality of her fast fashion purchases, and reading numerous articles about the harmful effects of synthetic materials; Lauren knew she wanted to make a change. She wanted to create high-quality, timeless pieces from materials that were not going to harm people or the environment.

She spent the next year working to create pieces that she couldn't find from other slow fashion brands and provide them at the best price. Linenstitch launched their products in February 2018  and I'm so glad they did! With only a handful of pieces created at an ethical partner factory in Korea, these pieces are minimalism done right!


One thing I had been missing in my closet was a good pair of joggers. Denim is definitely my go-to bottom but I've really been trying to change it up a little and these black joggers looked like the perfect addition! Made of a linen, tencel blend they are so light and comfortable.

I love how I've been able to style them in so many different ways too. With a wrap top and some heeled mules they were perfect for a date night. I added a simple striped tee and some sandals for a casual day running errands. Lastly, I paired them with my Jamie+ the Jones tee top and flat mules for a casual but dressed up look! In the month since I got these joggers, I've worn them at least twice a week and they are definitely replacing jeans as my new go-to.

You can shop these joggers and other incredible pieces here ! BONUS- you can use code 'andrea10' to receive 10% off your purchase. I hope you check out Linenstitch and I'd love to hear what you think!

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials.

Shoes tell a story too // Fortress of Inca

 All photos by:  Seleste Paige Photography

Oddly enough, before making the switch to slow fashion I didn't think much about shoes. They were just something I wore and I probably had max 4 pairs of shoes. Maybe it's the fact that now I know each pair has a story and great talent behind them, I don't know, but I have a new appreciation for them and the work that goes into making each pair. 

 Pictured: the Adra

Pictured: the Adra


Fortress of Inca began after founder, Evan Streusand, was inspired by Peruvian boots during a trip to South America. He wanted to bring the unique designs and incredible craftsmanship to the United States and brought them to Austin, TX in 2004. All shoes are handmade by fairly paid artisans in small factories that are either family owned or owned by women. Fortress of Inca ensures that working conditions are safe and the people who make your shoes are being paid fairly, because the lives of people are just as important as the finished product! 


This is my first pair of shoes from Fortress of Inca and I can already tell they won't be my last. They are so comfortable and perfect, I just don't want to take them off. When I was shopping for a new flat, I wanted to add something unlike anything else in my closet and these were perfect to fill that void. The leather stretched in the best way and after just a handful of wears have a perfect worn in feel. The steel gray is sold down in most sizes and the caramel and black are going fast, but you can still shop them online. I can't wait to visit their brick + mortar next time I'm back home in Austin and I know they're going to have some new styles coming soon!

They were so nice to also offer up a little bonus for y'all! You can use the code 'PURPOSEFUL15' at checkout and receive 15% off your purchase on their website

Note: I was not compensated for this post, I just believe in this brand. All thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own. Thank you guys for reading and helping to spread the word about ethical fashion!