Talk about too good- Two Fold Clothing


I've had Two Fold on my 'Add to the closet' list for a while now. I discovered them shortly after my switch to slow fashion, and knew that eventually a piece would speak to me and I'd have to have it. Each piece is so beautiful and simple that now it's the perfect addition to my closet.

 Wearing: Two Fold Krissy tee and  Sela Designs Belle Necklace

Wearing: Two Fold Krissy tee and Sela Designs Belle Necklace

The brand:

Two Fold is based in Charlotte, NC and focuses its efforts on environmental and social consciousness. They release two capsule collections per year (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter) with everything being made to order. As opposed to the fast fashion "micro-seasons", releasing just two collections a year promotes quality over quantity. Two Fold is committed to using organic and sustainable fabrics, therefore sourcing fabrics like organic cotton, tencel, and raw silk. In addition to using sustainable fabrics they also use packaging supplies that are 100% recycled. 

Another brand focus is to encourage women and inspire all to live their best lives! Yesssss!! As women, we have such an incredible power and opportunity to build each other up, and its incredible to see the things that can happen as a result of doing that. Just another reason to get behind this brand!

 Wearing: Two Fold Clothing Krissy Tee and  Sela Designs Belle Necklace

Wearing: Two Fold Clothing Krissy Tee and Sela Designs Belle Necklace

The clothes:

As mentioned above, all pieces are crafted from sustainable fabrics but the one piece that I fell in love with in the Spring/Summer collection was the Krissy tee. Linen, it gets me every time. The Krissy tee was available in a few different color options but when I saw the stripes, I was sold. The drape on this tee is so perfect and the top itself is so versatile. I've styled it with jeans or shorts and sandals; but I've also layered it over a dress and it worked just as well!   


El fin:

I love love love Two Fold and everything they stand for! Sustainability, ethical production, and women helping women I honestly can't think of anything better to support.

I hope you'll check them out and fall in love with their pieces! 

You can shop Two Fold here.

Note: I was not compensated for this post, I just believe in this brand. All thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own. Thank you guys for reading and helping to spread the word about ethical fashion!

Baring it all in bamboo // White Rabbit

 Photos by Seleste Paige

Photos by Seleste Paige

I've been on the hunt for this for a long time. A bra and underwear that look great and have ethical production behind them. I've been following White Rabbit for a while now, and when they reached out to me about this collaboration, I'd be lying if I said I didn't fan girl just a little. ;)

The brand: 

White Rabbit began with one big question: "In a world where we care so much about what goes into our food, our bodies, our clothes, how is it that no one paid attention to how our underwear is made?" (from White Rabbit's About Us page)

Since the beginning their mission has been simple, to produce quality underwear in an ethical and sustainable way. They've stayed true to their mission and have created, in my opinion, some of the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn. Their pieces are made in a family owned factory that employs women, pays fair wages and offers numerous other benefits. By choosing to use a bamboo rayon fabric for most of their pieces, the brand is also doing its part to limit its environmental impact. Bamboo is considered one of the most sustainable plants because it grows fast and requires little water. Its breathability also makes it a great choice for underwear! White Rabbit holds high standards from the very beginning, which can be seen here where they talk about choosing to work with a knitter that also follows strict ethical guidelines.

We work with an eco-friendly knitter that is OEKE-Tex certified and follows ISO-9000 and ISO-14001 manufacturing practices (international safety, reliability, quality and most importantly, environmental standards for products and services), and uses new 3-4 year old bamboo trees from the Yunnan province in China.


Their commitment to sustainability also shows in their packaging. When I received my pieces, there was only one plastic bag and the rest was recyclable paper packaging. This choice is not by accident and I love that they've considered all aspects of business when it comes to their environmental impact.

The bra/underwear:

And now to the best part.. the actual pieces. I'll be the first to admit that I am INCREDIBLY picky when it comes to my underwear. I do not like "traditional" bras and at this point will pretty much only wear something if it more resembles a bralette. Second part of that though, I still like them to have hooks in the back and not be pullovers. I know, I warned you..I'm picky. Now the fabric.. I like my bras and underwear to do what they're supposed to do but in a way that I forget I'm even wearing them. Well guys let me tell ya.. these pieces did it all for me.


The bra:

I decided to go with the Ann bralette and I'm so glad I did. It has the perfect amount of support for me, while still being incredibly comfortable. It also has removable liner pads which can be added or removed depending on what you're looking for. Also, let's not forget about that gorgeous lace detail! Ugh so good!


The underwear: 

I went with the Carmine high-rise because I love high rise anything and I was not disappointed! They are so soft and so comfortable. The lace waist band has a bit of stretch to it which also makes them even more comfortable. 

Both of these have held true to my "forget I'm wearing them" rule. They honestly have been so comfortable for me. In deciding what sizes to get, I followed the sizing chart but also read some of the reviews. I ended up with a M in the bralette and a S in the underwear. The sizing guide for the underwear recommended to go up, if you were in between sizes so I followed that and they fit perfectly. Even though the sizing guide said I should be a S, based on the reviews I went ahead and sized up in this one too. For me, it was definitely the right choice in fit! The great thing is that White Rabbit stands so confidently behind its pieces that even if you end up with a size that doesn't work, they're gonna do their best to get you the right one.   

El fin:

In conclusion, I love everything about my White Rabbit pieces! Something else that's really great and unique about the brand is they offer a try-on program if you live in the US. So basically, you can order pieces to try them on and wear them around to really find out what they're gonna feel like and if they just don't work for you then you can send them back! I love this idea not only because it allows you to have pieces you really love but in the end it also limits waste because you don't end up with pieces that you can't return and are never going to wear. 

White Rabbit really is such a dream! I hope you check them out and fall in love too!

Shop new undies here!

Note: Thank you, White Rabbit, for gifting me this bra and underwear to review for this post. I was not compensated for this post. All thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own. Thank you for reading and helping spread the word about ethical fashion!

Hackwith Design House

Hackwith Design House started in September 2013 with "the goal of making clothes as unique as the wearer." They launched with one limited edition collection and in just four short years have expanded into five collections including a Core collection, Swim, Basics, and plus; as well as new limited-edition designs on Mondays. Everything is made in their Minnesota studio and to help reduce waste, most items are made to order. The simple designs with unique details and quality fabrics are what make me want to wear every piece they make!

This bow dress has quickly become one of my favorite dresses. I love a good maxi/midi dress and this has all the length I want, as well as such a cool detail with the bow at the bottom. It adds such a fun detail that really makes it unlike any other dress!

 Pictured: The Bow Dress in Olive

Pictured: The Bow Dress in Olive

 Photos by Seleste Villarreal

Photos by Seleste Villarreal

You can shop this dress and so many other pieces via their website, where you can also find a list of their stockists!

Jamie + the Jones

 Pictured: T Top in Natural

Pictured: T Top in Natural

Jamie Frazier + Hannah Jones, owners of Jamie + the Jones, first met while attending O'More College of Design in Franklin, TN. Through their time together they discovered that they both had similar visions of design but their talents were very different. They saw the value in each other's strengths and Jamie + the Jones was founded in 2009. Since then they have focused on the "blend of quality and effortless beauty, packaged into whimsical and wearable silhouettes that can be worn on any occasion."

I'm not a fan of fitted clothes at all. I love things to be flowy and have lots of room, which is part of why I became obsessed with Jamie + the Jones designs. Although the pieces are not fitted, the silhouettes allow the wearers shape to dictate what they become and I think that is beautiful! This T Top (pictured above) quickly became one of my everyday go-to's. It's great to throw on and run around town or can be dressed up for a nice dinner out! 

Much like the T Top this Midi dress can be taken from day time to night with a simple change of shoes and jewelry. I pretty much only wear maxi and midi dresses, so when they came out with this design I jumped on it fast. Both the T Top and the midi dress are made with raw silk, a whole other reason to fall in love with them! It has such a unique feel and a great weight that makes it light enough for summer but can also be layered up for winter. 

 Photos by:  Seleste Villarreal

Jamie + the Jones also uses their scrap material as samples for customers. They sell their color swatch kit as a way for customers to get to see the colors and feel the materials before placing their orders! Such an incredible idea that also helps decrease waste due to customers not being satisfied when their clothing arrives. 

You can shop with Jamie + the Jones via their website!

Natalie Joy: Nothing Ordinary

Natalie Joy Miller developed the Natalie Joy jewelry line in the winter of 2010 in Portland, Oregon. After studying at The Evergreen State College she spent five years as a manager at a large scale jewelry production company, where she was able to fine tune her technical and business skills. Next came her to desire to create her own line and Natalie Joy jewelry was born. Each piece is handmade in Portland, Oregon using traditional and unique metal working techniques. This shows in the details of the jewelry and "how you feel while wearing Natalie Joy." 

I first found Natalie Joy at Porter Flea two years ago. I'm a huge fan of simple and unique jewelry, so these pieces immediately caught my eye. Even with the jewelry's minimal design it still manages to make a big statement. I love knowing this jewelry is made in Portland and who is making it. Jewelry that you can truly feel good about wearing!

 Photos by:  Seleste Villarreal

You can shop with Natalie Joy online , where you can also find a list of stockists! 

Beyond Yoga: Living Beautifully

I have truly been inspired by Beyond Yoga; not only are they committed to being environmentally responsible through their business practices but they have an incredible "Body Positive Manifesto". Their manifesto is meant to promote real women's bodies and healthy body image. They manufacture all of their garments in local Los Angeles factories to employ the local community, as well as ensure high quality and fair treatment.  

They have a great variety of tops and bottoms that make it easy to find something that will make your workout more comfortable and will also make you feel good. The fabrics they use are of such great quality and fit your body in just the right way. 


 Pictured: Straight away cut out top + Mesh behavior bra

Pictured: Straight away cut out top + Mesh behavior bra

This top is so breathable and comfortable that I can wear it to yoga or out for a run. The open back gives it great detail but also allows for more breathability in the hot Nashville summer. 

 Pictured: Spacedye pocket and mesh legging // Photos by: Seleste Villarreal

Pictured: Spacedye pocket and mesh legging // Photos by: Seleste Villarreal

These pants are the best pair of workout leggings that I've ever owned. Much like the shirt, I can wear these to a yoga class or out for a run. The mesh panel lets air in while also adding a fun detail.

Visit Beyond Yoga online to start shopping with them!

Rabbit: Running Responsibly

I've always loved running and once I started on this journey to find ethically made fashion brands, I knew I needed to find ethically made workout clothes. Although that search has been a bit more difficult, I have found a few brands doing their part to revolutionize the world of workout fashion.  

 Pictured: Catch Me If You Can short in black

Pictured: Catch Me If You Can short in black

Rabbit began as a vision by two avid runners who wanted to make products that everyone wanted but wanted to do it in the best way possible. The only way they knew how to make clothes that they felt good about it was to make it right near their home in Santa Barbara, California. All running apparel is manufactured in Los Angeles, where they can have easy access to their manufacturing facilities to ensure the product is what they want. Most importantly though, they are able to make sure that their apparel is made in conditions where workers are treated well and fairly.

My favorite thing about these shorts is the non-traditional waistband. With the wide waistband and non-existent drawstring it makes wearing them much more comfortable. These are single handedly the best pair of running shorts I've ever worn!

 Photos by  Seleste Villarreal

You can shop with them online or use their website to find a retailer near you. 

Deep in the heart of ESBY

 Pictured: Lola Tank in Olive

Pictured: Lola Tank in Olive

Austin has always held a special place in my heart, being that I grew up just 30 miles south and moved there as soon as I could after graduating college. The city and people have such an incredible vibe that inspired me every day. I was so excited to discover ESBY, and even more excited knowing it's designed in Austin and produced in Los Angeles and Dallas.

There is so much care and time that goes into each step of their process. As noted on their website, they start each season 12 months before release to ensure enough time for sketching, sourcing fabric, and production.

During a recent trip home, I had to stop in and pick up this top! One of my favorite things about it is that it's designed so that you can wear it with the buttons in the front or in the back. 

 Photos by  Seleste Villarreal
 Pictured: Laurel Sweater Tank in Pearl

Pictured: Laurel Sweater Tank in Pearl

You can find their clothing on their website or visit their flagship store in Austin, Texas!


Mate the Label: Making a Change

 Pictured: Raglan style tee

Pictured: Raglan style tee

I discovered Mate the Label while I was looking for good basics and graphics that I could wear around the house on lounging days. Mate the Label has all of this and more. They've worked to create a line of socially responsible, elevated basics and graphics that are perfect for days around the house or dressed up for a night out. 

Sustainable and ethical practices are what the brand has built itself on and is why they choose to partner with factories within a five mile radius from their headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. 

This shirt not only describes my love of sleep perfectly, but it is so soft and comfortable that I could wear it just about every day. 

You can visit their website to shop tees, dresses, and sweatshirts!