Hi, I'm Andrea Miner

Thank you so much for stopping by The Purposeful Closet!

I grew up in the Hill Country of Central Texas; New Braunfels to be exact. In 2013 I graduated from Texas State University before becoming an elementary teacher for a few years. I loved the kids, and I loved the opportunities I was given to make a positive impact on other’s lives. I also loved fashion… a lot.

This love eventually led to me working in clothing retail, where I became fascinated with the fashion supply chain, and how “fast fashion” is changing our world in a big way. I also became increasingly aware of how difficult it can be to find clothing designers and manufacturers who produce their wares in an ethical, sustainable way, without the use of questionable labor practices. Hence my vision for The Purposeful Closet.

I want fashion to once again be about the quality, creativity, and people behind it. I’m excited to start this journey in discovery and so happy to have you along for the ride.

Three years ago I relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, where I now live with my husband and my MacBook Air. I’m not a self-proclaimed coffee-addict, but I do have an impressive tea collection. I also love cooking and eating vegan food, as well as watching old reruns of Grey’s Anatomy.


You can also find blog posts by me at: https://www.theminimalistwardrobe.org/author/thepurposefulcloset/