Jamie + the Jones

 Pictured: T Top in Natural

Pictured: T Top in Natural

Jamie Frazier + Hannah Jones, owners of Jamie + the Jones, first met while attending O'More College of Design in Franklin, TN. Through their time together they discovered that they both had similar visions of design but their talents were very different. They saw the value in each other's strengths and Jamie + the Jones was founded in 2009. Since then they have focused on the "blend of quality and effortless beauty, packaged into whimsical and wearable silhouettes that can be worn on any occasion."

I'm not a fan of fitted clothes at all. I love things to be flowy and have lots of room, which is part of why I became obsessed with Jamie + the Jones designs. Although the pieces are not fitted, the silhouettes allow the wearers shape to dictate what they become and I think that is beautiful! This T Top (pictured above) quickly became one of my everyday go-to's. It's great to throw on and run around town or can be dressed up for a nice dinner out! 

Much like the T Top this Midi dress can be taken from day time to night with a simple change of shoes and jewelry. I pretty much only wear maxi and midi dresses, so when they came out with this design I jumped on it fast. Both the T Top and the midi dress are made with raw silk, a whole other reason to fall in love with them! It has such a unique feel and a great weight that makes it light enough for summer but can also be layered up for winter. 

 Photos by:  Seleste Villarreal

Jamie + the Jones also uses their scrap material as samples for customers. They sell their color swatch kit as a way for customers to get to see the colors and feel the materials before placing their orders! Such an incredible idea that also helps decrease waste due to customers not being satisfied when their clothing arrives. 

You can shop with Jamie + the Jones via their website!