Rabbit: Running Responsibly

I've always loved running and once I started on this journey to find ethically made fashion brands, I knew I needed to find ethically made workout clothes. Although that search has been a bit more difficult, I have found a few brands doing their part to revolutionize the world of workout fashion.  

 Pictured: Catch Me If You Can short in black

Pictured: Catch Me If You Can short in black

Rabbit began as a vision by two avid runners who wanted to make products that everyone wanted but wanted to do it in the best way possible. The only way they knew how to make clothes that they felt good about it was to make it right near their home in Santa Barbara, California. All running apparel is manufactured in Los Angeles, where they can have easy access to their manufacturing facilities to ensure the product is what they want. Most importantly though, they are able to make sure that their apparel is made in conditions where workers are treated well and fairly.

My favorite thing about these shorts is the non-traditional waistband. With the wide waistband and non-existent drawstring it makes wearing them much more comfortable. These are single handedly the best pair of running shorts I've ever worn!

 Photos by  Seleste Villarreal

You can shop with them online or use their website to find a retailer near you.